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Is Israel Safe to Visit?

For obvious reasons, many question Israel’s safety when planning a trip. Ask anyone who has travelled to Israel before and the answer will overwhelmingly be, yes, it is. Despite what we see in the media, Israel’s image is of a country constantly at war, but the reality on the ground is much different. Israel is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world (*ranked 13th overall) and has a strong public safety record.

Is Israel Safe
Tourist Covered in Mineral Rich Mud at the Dead Sea


While Touring in Israel:

Since tourism is one of the main benefactors for the Israeli economy, visitors can feel assured that they are in good hands throughout their journey. Violent crime in Israel is generally very low, and more specifically rare towards tourists. All guides and drivers are licensed by the tourism board and all sites throughout the country, whether touristic or general sites, all have security measures in place.

Hotels in Israel are also considered very safe. All hotels have security measures in place, through guards and surveillance, although, for additional safety reasons it is always advised to keep your personal belongings with you or protected in a safe.



A few things to consider when visiting Israel on a trip:

  • Use hotel safes where available. Don’t leave valuables unattended, particularly on the beach.
  • Be careful when visiting border regions, particularly those close to Syria and Lebanon or between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Please note: Most tours do not approach border zones and should their be a security risk, programs are revised to ensure the utmost safety of tourists.
  • Keep your eye on the news and don’t be afraid to ask at your hotel or hostel for advice.
  • Always avoid demonstrations, particularly in Jerusalem, which can quickly descend into rioting.
  • If you are asked about the political situation, be aware that feelings run high and discussions can quickly get heated. Like anywhere else, politics in Israel is a sensitive issue as Israeli’s have an abundance of wide ranging opinions.


Some Tips to Protect Your Trip:

** It’s always a good idea to take out a travel insurance policy before leaving your home country. In addition to the usual coverage for illness (visiting an emergency room/casualty ward can be expensive) and theft, make sure that your coverage is appropriate for your specific needs. For instance, if you plan to scuba dive, skydive or ski, make sure your policy covers these activities. Almost all policies exclude liabilities caused by ‘acts of war’.




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