top jewish sites in jerusalem

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Top Jewish Sites in Jerusalem

For thousands of years Jerusalem has been recognized in Judaism as the holiest of cities. Jerusalem is home to some of the most sacred biblical sites, historical sites, and is Israel’s most visited city by tourists from across the globe. Jerusalem is rich in history, and it is also the spiritual hub for Jews in Israel as well as worldwide. Indisputably, Jerusalem is the most popular city in Israel amongst tourists and no tour would be complete without a visit to its holy sites. Visitors can spend several weeks exploring and enjoying its rich culture, but for most travelers to Israel, time is limited. For those visiting Jerusalem for a few days, we have amassed a list of the must-see Jewish sites.


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The Western Wall


Our Top Jewish Sites in Jerusalem


Western Wall (The Wailing Wall)

Undeniably the most visited site in Israel, with over 100,000 visitors per day, the Western Wall, also known as the Kotel (Hebrew) or Wailing Wall is Israel’s most sacred sites. It is considered to be the last remaining evidence of where the Temple Mount stood for thousands of years.



Address: Ha’Omer 2 Jerusalem,

Israel 97500


Western Wall Tunnels

The structure of the Western Wall is technically a half kilometer in size, although today, the most visible section of the Western Wall Plaza is a mere 70 meters. Visitors to the Western Wall are advised to take a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels. Visiting the tunnels allows tourists to reach the structure of the Wall hidden from public view, offering a chance to see the original stones that date back thousands of years, telling the story of the Jewish nation. When visiting the tunnels, tourists will walk through an ancient underground space that includes vast archeological findings, such as large stone arches, water pits, an ancient water aqueduct and much more, making it a must see site.



Address: Ha’Omer 2 Jerusalem,

Israel 97500


The Tower of David

The Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem showcases the history of ancient Jerusalem. Located near the Jaffa gate in Jerusalem’s historic entrance to the Old City, the medieval citadel details the major events in its history beginning with the first evidence of a city in Jerusalem in the second millennium BCE, until the city became the capital of the State of Israel. A museum, archeological discovery, and a tower with 360-degree views of the Old City, it is also a platform for contemporary expression, such as the Sound and Light Show Experience, and many other exhibitions and artistic events.



Address: Jaffa Gate, PO BOX 14005
Jerusalem 9114001, ISRAEL


The Jewish Quarter

Jerusalem’s Old City is divided into four quarters. The Jewish Quarter sits in the south east section of the Old City and is the home of the Temple Mount and Western Wall as well as several significant synagogues. The Hurva Synagogue, built in the beginning of the 18th century has been destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout histroy and was most recently rebuilt in 2010. In addition, the Jewish Quarter includes the Four Sephardic Synagogues each representing a different rite of the Sephardic community. These Sephardic Synagogues (Yochanan be Zakai Synagogue, Istanbuli Synagogue, Eliahu Ha’navi Synagogue, and Emtsai Synangogue) were all destroyed during the Arab-Israeli War, but were then rebuilt after the 6 Day War. The Jewish Quarter also includes the Cardo, better known as the Suk (Shook in Hebrew), a bazaar of shops and souvenir stores located along colorful alleys making it a worthy destination for photography and architecture lovers.



Address: Jaffa Gate, PO BOX 14005
Jerusalem 9114001, ISRAEL


City of David


Additional Recommended Sites for Jewish Visitors to Jerusalem:


The Hurva Synagogue


Israel Museum


Yad Vashem

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